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In a scene that could be part of an Adam Sandler movie, Stuart Tinner bagged himself £250,000 after successfully hitting the crossbar from the half-way line on Tuesday night during the interval of the Saracens vs Springboks Rugby match at Wembley stadium.

Three members of the crowd were picked after applying via SMS to make the kick, Stuart stepped up first after removing his shoes and smashed the ball straight onto the crossbar. As soon as the ball struck the bar, Wembley erupted and the Amateur Rugby player was a quarter of a million pounds better off. Stuart told reporters that it’s the second best thing that’s ever happened to him, the first being when he lost his virginity. All I can say is, that must have been one hell of a cherry pop!


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Celebrity Rat Jordan was humiliated last week after appearing on US chat show, Chelsea Lately. She’d managed to get onto Chelsea Handler’s show and was totally shown up as the talentless hag she is. I don’t really need to say anymore, other than I’m really pleased that even if we can’t get it right, the US most certainly can. Enjoy…

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john and edwardIn an extraordinary turn of events yesterday, the Police had to be called to the X-Factor house after an invasion of teenage girls trying to get a glimpse of their favourite contestants John & Edward.

The girls were allegedly flashing at the double take brothers who promptly answered with a bout of crotch grabbing. Police were called to move on the crowds and local residents are furious after the residential street was left trashed by gatherers. I reckon if the Irish twits have got the teenybopper vote, we may have to endure them for a good few weeks to come…

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The Above video shows the shocking assault of 24 year old ex- soldier Mark Aspinall at the hands of the three Lancashire Police officers. The attack happened in July 2008 whilst Aspinall was out drinking in Wigan. The Police had been called out to a disturbance and wrongly assumed the Iraq & Afghanistan veteran was the culprit.

CP17625166War hero Mark AspAspinall

The video pretty much speaks for itself, what it shows is a totally defenceless man being beaten by three supposed officers of the law. Aspinall was repeatedly punched in the back of his head and even had his face rubbed against the concrete. The physical damage the war hero took that night paled into significance when he found himself up in front of a Wigan Magistrate in September 2008 who promptly charged him with two counts of police assault and a public order offence, this was despite the judge watching the CCTV footage for himself! I must have missed the part where Aspinall assaulted the police officers in question, I imagine it’s pretty difficult to do much when you have a knee in your back and you’re getting punched in head whilst having your hand ragged into handcuffs.

The magistrates found Mark guilty and sentenced him to a suspended prison sentence, community service and fined £250. Now if that’s not the most fucked up idea of justice I don’t know what is. Fortunately, Mark appealed and on review at Liverpool Crown, Court Judge Phipps dismissed the case and noted he was “shocked and appalled by the level of police violence” shown in the CCTV footage. He even went as far as saying he believed the police statements contained ‘untruths’.

Well that’s fine and dandy, but what about compensation for Aspinall? How about the three officers stand trial? No such luck I’m afraid, the independent police complaints commission are investigation so read into that ‘coppers investigating coppers’, I question the ‘independence’ of the commission and I’m sure Lancashire Constabulary are doing their absolute utmost to  sweep the affair under the carpet.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1090655/Arrest–assault-Judges-disgust-soldier-held-hit-times-POLICE.html#ixzz0UkTfyNUx


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0903105953-JordanYep thats right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – Katie Price has been nominated for the Celebrity Mum of the year. Although she’s already won the award once if she wins this year she can take pride in her name being forever immortalised with other fantastic mothers such as Kerry Catona who has won the award twice in the past and Ulrika Jonsson who is also a previous winner as well as being the mother to four kids who have four different fathers.

It’s a bit of a contradiction really ‘celebrity mum of the year’, surely by the very nature of being celebrities it means they spend less time with their children than your average mother. Jordans trip to Ibiza after her split from Peter Andre showed just how good a Mum she is, it was well documented by her ITV2 programme and showed her pretty much just getting wasted the whole time she was there. She’s also done nothing by all accounts to reign in her transvestite lover Alex Reid who reportedly wouldn’t let Peter Andre speak to his children over the phone earlier this week.

Reid has allegedly thrown down the gauntlet to Andre and offered him a dust up ‘to settle things’, all I can hope for is that Andre takes him up on the offer and kicks the shit out of the bloke. I’m absolutely sick of hearing about Reid and his muppet missus. Peter Andre has taken his split on the chin and has acted with nothing but the utmost dignity these past few months. He’s constantly being encouraged to spill the beans on Jordan and every time he politely refuses.

Jordan on the other hand, has taken every opportunity to take shots at Andre and even now public favour for her has not faltered. I can’t see why people insist on championing her. Just look at her eldest son, Harvey. The poor lad is blind, autistic and suffers from a disease called septo-optic dysplasia. The only time when we hear anything about Harvey is when Jordan wants in on the latest run of glossy magazines. As soon as it’s been a few months without making the news, Jordan will parade the poor lad around for all to see, usually accompanied by headlines such as ‘Harvey’s latest hell’. That is simply not what a good mother should be doing.

Females herald her as a self made businesswoman/ author/ fashion guru etc etc. In my eyes I just see someone who got her tits out for magazines at a young age, spent the next few years on the London club scene sleeping with second rate footballers then appeared on I’m a celebrity before getting knocked up and married by Peter Andre. Every couple of years she bangs out yet another Autobiography and Bobs your uncle if we believe what we read in the newspapers, we have the female version of Donald Trump – businesswoman extraordinaire.

That obviously isn’t the case but the chances are that she’ll end up winning the award, probably due to her triumph in the face of adversary – i.e. getting ditched by Andre and still finding time to pay her Nanny to look after her three children.


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CalzagheSaturday evening saw Joe Calzaghe become the fifth casualty of war in this years Strictly Come Dancing. All I can say is thank God he didn’t go in week 1. I don’t know why on earth he decided to participate, surely he wasn’t that strapped for cash that he needed the reported £25K (!) for appearing? Maybe he was trying to emulate Floyd Mayweather Jr. who took part in the 2007 U.S. equivalent, Dancing with the Stars but whatever reason, it was a poor choice for the former undefeated Super-Middleweight champion of the world.

I’ve idolised Joe for many years now and it’s tragic that throughout his career boxing he was never given the recognition he deserved. In fact, even now I don’t think the British public realise how much of a big deal he was. He will go down in history as the greatest British boxer who ever lived but I believe it will take a very long time before his achievements will be appreciated.

mikkel-kessler16I think the key to his appreciation will be ‘The Viking Warrior’, Mikkel Kessler. I was fortunate enough to have a ringside seat in 2007 at the millenium stadium to witness the demolition job that Joe did to Kessler. Already an exceptional World champ, Kessler was made to look like a mere Journeyman by Calzaghe – and that is no disrespect to Kessler, it’s just that on that night at the Millenium Stadium, Calzaghe would have put anyone away.

Fast forward two years and Kessler has mopped up the WBA title in Calzaghe’s absence and is part of the Super Six Boxing Classic. I’m under no illusion that by the end of the tournament Kessler will have unified the WBA and WBC titles and who knows, in another two years times he may have completely unified the Super-Middleweight division (as Calzaghe did after the 2007 bout). Maybe then people will look back on Calzaghe and realise just how good he really was.

In the UK, we’re not actually used to being good at anything. If we win a major sporting event it always seems like a bit of a fluke. We actually celebrate mediocrity, David Beckham is never far away from the British press but Calzaghe was rarely heard of. It seemed strange to have a sportsman who was not only good at his art, but truly fantastic. To think that Joe was at the top of his game for 10 years is good enough but the fact that his last fights were his most spectacular is even more of a reason to applaud him.

I just hope that in years to come he will be remembered for his performance in the ring, rather than the performance on the dancefloor. On a positive note, at least he managed to go one round longer than Mayweather, who was knocked out in week four of 2007


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Cowell/ Lewis

I’ve just read a story in The Sun newspaper that whilst carrying out a book signing at Waterstone’s in London, Leona Lewis was punched in the face by someone queuing up as a fan. The yet to be named man had purchased a copy of Lewis’ autobiography ‘Dreams’ and then queued quietly to get his book signed. Once at the front of the queue the guy planted a right hook to the side of her face.

WTF!! Now I really can’t get along with Leona Lewis, It’s nothing personal about her and I’m quite proud that we’ve finally got a singer from the United Kingdom who has managed to crack the US but I genuinely don’t see anything special about her. I believe that the key to her success both in the domestic charts and on the Billboard Hot 100 has been Simon Cowell. I think that if Cowell hadn’t driven her career so hard Leona wouldn’t be anywhere near the position that she is in now.

That being said, I have to give her credit because the only reason Cowell has driven her so well is because she is obviously very Marketable. I don’t think anyone can say that she hasn’t got a good voice (myself included) but I think she is trying to emulate a style of singing that has had it’s day. If she’s on the TV I tend to switch over, her ‘rags to riches’ story has been overplayed in the UK far too much and quite frankly The US is more than welcome to her.

However, as much as I dislike Leona there is no way on Earth I would ever wish any harm to her and that’s why I was so furious this morning reading the story on my iPhone. Even Leona’s fans surely admit that she’s little more than a puppet for Simon Cowell and that’s no disrespect to her but the nature of the beast. I like Cowell but I can’t help thinking that anyone who signs a contract with him is selling their soul to the devil. My dislike for Lewis is nothing at all personal but it fills my heart with sadness if she’s the best singer in the country.

So what makes someone carry out at personal attack like that? Only the guy in question knows the answer to that but I certainly can’t think why someone would be so filled with spite to assault her. The news is that Lewis is (rightly) going to press charges so the man in question will be punished, it will be interesting to see what sentence will be passed once it gets to court. You would think that any punishment given will be the same as if the victim had not been a celebrity but knowing the justice system in England, the chances are that it won’t be. I’d love to hear what you think about this.



Picture courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

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