I watched the second episode of the fantastic Gavin & Stacey last night and if you haven’t yet caught up on what’s been going on in Barry and Billericay, be sure to jump on before this final series finishes airing. James Corden and Ruth Jones have proved that the tricky third series can indeed be every bit as funny as the first two.

NBC have bought the rights for an American version of the show, and given British comedy’s track record for not transferring well Stateside it may bomb but for the time being sit back and enjoy some genuinely original and funny comedy.


Here are the results from last weeks guess the band post:

No.1 - Coldplay

No.2 - Razorlight

No.3 - Foo Fighters

No.4 - Stereophonics

No.5 - The Killers

No.6 - Bon Jovi

No.7 - Muse

No.8 - Kings of Leon

No.9 - Paramore

No.10 - Blur

The Short answer is – YES! I’ve just finished reading the third volume (Hulk no more) in Jeph Loeb’s run on the Hulk re-boot and I’m really not impressed.

The first edition of Hulk began with the murder of Abomination seemingly at the hands of Hulk, but Bruce Banner was locked up in a secure Shield facility following the aftermath of World War Hulk. We were quickly introduced to Red Hulk who was in fact the culprit of Abomination’s murder.

Over the course of the first volume, Red Hulk absolutely thrashes not only Abomination but manages to (with absolute ease) do numbers on She-Hulk, Iron Man, Thor (!) and he even knocks out Uatu the watcher, this is after smashing up a Shield Helicarrier in the process.

So there’s the first criticism, you simply can’t introduce a new character who casts aside Marvel powerhouses with such ease. Once Red Hulk had finished the demolition job on some of the strongest characters in Marvel-616 there was simply no-where for him to go.

The only interesting part of the whole Red Hulk story is the actual identity of ‘Rulk’, this was the question on everyone’s lips during the first few editions, but to be honest, I don’t think that anyone cares too much anyway.

The second volume saw Rulk kill a Wendigo, which in turn made the rest of the Wendigos (there’s more than one now?) decend onto Las Vegas and do battle with an escaped Bruce Banner (who has now assumed the identity of Grey Hulk?). The Wendigos manage to bite Grey Hulk who then turns into Wendi-Hulk (?). Moon Knight arrives on scene (?)… and on and on. You get the picture. When compared to the last few years worth of writing by Brian Michael Bendis, Loeb’s disjointed ramblings of Hulk seem as though they’ve been written by a 5 year old.

Unfortunately, the third volume was no better. It’s split into two parts, the first a really poor story of the Defenders (led by Hulk) against the offenders (led by Rulk). This is explained by a wafer thin plot of The Collector and The Grandmaster wanting to see the two groups fight (for no other reason than they can). The second part of the volume is basically how Rulk manages to totally separate Banner and Hulk (?).

This last part contains issue 600 of Hulk, and we were promised by Marvel that 600 would finally reveal the identity of Rulk. So did it? Did it bugger. We’re still in the dark and I’m loosing interest FAST. It seems as though each issue is written without considering any events that happened in earlier issues (why aren’t Iron Man & Thor going after Rulk? If Rulk is so powerful, how come the whole of 616 aren’t on his case?), it also takes no consideration in what is actually happening in the Marvel Universe. Secret Invasion and Dark Reign aren’t mentioned once, and they’re the two biggest events that have happened to 616 so why does Loeb insist on ignoring them completely?

As you can tell, I’m not happy. Hulk deserves a lot more than this, and he’s a character that when done well (Bruce Jones’ cracking run & Planet Hulk to name two), can get readers interested in one of the best of Marvel’s characters.

The plan now that a Red She-Hulk (?) has been introduced is for a crossover that will wrap the series, imaginatively named ‘World War Hulks’ (?). I only hope that a decent writer can pick up the pieces after this horrible run and get the Green Goliath back on his feet.

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching a BBC4 programme called ‘It’s only a theory’. It’s a panel show hosted by Andy Hamilton and Reginald D Hunter (of Have I Got News… fame). The premise is that every week the panel of Hamilton, Hunter and a guest celeb are presented with a theory given by different experts in various fields of science or education. The panel have to decide whether the theory stands up under scrutiny or not. As I’m writing this, the idea doesn’t sound too clever but in fact, the programme is well worth a watch. Hamilton isn’t the best presenter, and Hunter (who I love to see on Have I…) doesnt look at his most comfortable but to be fair, but as new programmes go you could do a lot worse. The set is a bit 1980’s ‘Blockbusters’ and it obviously only cost a couple of quid to knock up but over the past few weeks there’s been some really good arguments put forward by experts.

The show is taking a bit of a beating in forums up and down cyberspace and I think that makes me like it even more. I hope they get another series because for me, it was a fine example of substance over style. If you fancy watching the final episode of the series you can watch it on the BBCiPlayer, here:


After Steven Tyler’s departure from Aerosmith, the remaining members of the band are reportedly in the market for a new frontman. It’s not known yet if they will continue as Aerosmith or form a new ‘supergroup’ (a ‘la Chickenfoot). The question is, can any band continue once the lead singer has left the building?

I’d say that in 99% of the cases, the frontman makes the band so if you lose the lead singer, the band is no more.

Here’s 10 bands, minus the lead singer, see if you can name them…


No 1.









No 2.










No 3.










No 4.










No 5.








No 6.








No 7.








No 8.








No 9.










No 10.












Answers will be posted in a weeks time….

This is very cool news for zombie fans. Filming has now wrapped for the french horror film ‘La Horde’. Written by Yannick Dahan, La Horde is about four corrupt cops who plan to avenge the death of one of their own by killing the gangsters responsible. Things don’t go to plan though, and just before the gangsters execute the cops, their building is attacked by a massive horde of zombies.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that La Horde is preceded by the short film ‘Rivoallan’, which tells the tale of how the corrupt cops ended up being one man down. Rivoallan was released in 2007 and is a totally straight movie, not a zombie in sight.

I think that’s such a fresh idea, although most of the impact will be lost on anyone who didn’t see Rivoallan when it was released. The idea of making a straight film to introduce characters and then drop them slap bang in the middle of a horror film is exceptional.

Here’s the trailer for Rivoallan:

And here’s La Horde:

La Horde should be released in France before the end of the year but expect a lengthy wait before it get’s an international DVD/ Blu-Ray release.

It seems as though DC Comics will try their hand with a forray into the zombie world with ‘Blackest Night’. The Publisher has commenced the story which will be the climax to the Sinestro Corps War (green lantern) story arc.

Blackest night will be more of a solid arc for DC, rather than the tongue in cheek Marvel Zombies graphic novels. The first edition was released In June of this year and will run until spring next year. If DC can nail this, it could potentially release the stranglehold that Marvel has on the comic book market.

Marvel are coming to the end of the Dark Reign storyline which led directly from Secret Invasion. The events of Dark Reign will come to a climax during the new years ‘Siege’ story. Brian Michael Bendis has gone on record to say that after the events of siege, there won’t be another massive event that will encompass the whole of the Marvel universe like Reign, writers will be concentrating more on individual characters’ storylines.

If Blackest night performs well in stores it could pave the way for DC to capitalise on the gap left by Marvel for a long running crossover event and bag DC some much-needed new readers.