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I picked up a copy of Beatles: Rock Band a couple of weeks ago and in between heavy bouts of Modern Warfare 2 I’ve just finished it and thought I’d post my thoughts on the game.

So what’s good?

The game looks and sounds great. Like really great. The trippy sequences as you get further in the career are great and it’s certainly not as boring to watch as a spectator as other guitar based games. The tracks have been produced using the master recordings so if you run your 360 through a surround system like I do, you’ll be amazed by how good it sounds.

The notes path for each song is done really well, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Rock Band title. The recent Guitar Hero games seem to have gone for the most frustrating paths, just for the sake of pissing off gamers. With Rock Band games, the paths are better structured and even tough parts actually make sense.

Thats about it for the good points. so on to the bad…

The game is amazingly short. The career can be cracked in under four hours and that’s including the odd song that you have trouble with.

Although Harmonix have tried to prolong the life of the game with the achievements, it’s a massive fail. Unless your of an exceptional standard, you’ll be lucky to bag yourself 500 G’s. Rather than encourage playing the next level up by giving points for completing songs on expert difficulty, Harmonix only reward you for either getting 100% notes hit on expert or in the case of the guitar, five gold starring certain songs.

I can hold my own on Hard difficulty and there’s only a handful of songs that I haven’t managed to five star on my first playthrough, but getting 100% notes hit on drums expert is something that I’ve got no chance with, I’m confident I’d be able to bag a couple of the five gold star achievements with a stack of practice but to be honest, I’m not prepared to invest that much of my time in a game that at its core, only has 44 tracks (and as much as I love the Beatles, the songs are so similar that it can get annoying).

It would have been much better to release the game as DLC rather than milk it for a full release, it would have saved us gamers cash and would have been one of the best bits of DLC released for the Xbox. Unfortunately, Harmonix didn’t and there’s not enough game to command the £40 price tag.

If you haven’t yet bought Beatles: Rock Band, do your wallet a favour and rent it for a couple of days and spend your hard-earned cash on something more worthwhile.


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