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If you don’t fancy lining Simon Cowell’s pockets even more this Christmas and can’t stand the way that the X-Factor bags the Xmas single every year without being in the slightest bit festive, make a statement and purchase Rage Against the Machine’s single ‘Killing in the Name’ next week.

The single will be available to download on Monday and music lovers in the UK are being urged to pick the tune in a bid to release Cowell’s stranglehold over the charts.

A similar thing happened last year when Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ was released during the same week as Alexandra Burke’s awful cover of the Leonard Cohen song. Unfortunately, Cowell won last year but maybe, just maybe we can make a difference this year.

As much as I enjoy watching the X-Factor, the format is looking REALLY tired now. It’s great to watch the morons who can’t actually sing during the audition process but it’s terrible to see whichever muppet wins the show go straight to the top of the charts every Christmas (usually followed by the inevitable hype – “fastest selling single in the universe” etc. etc.)

I reckon that the year that the X-Factor winner doesn’t get straight to the No. 1 spot at Xmas, will be the final year for the singing show. Cowell’s not daft and I don’t think he’ll flog a dead horse, so if you genuinely can’t stand the shit that pumped out by the likes of Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, splash a couple of quid on a digital copy of Killing in the Name and see what happens.

This year’s X-Factor has probably been the strongest one to date with a couple of people who can actually sing but it’s come under fire from Sting, who said that the music show has put British music back a decade and the reason why Calvin Harris jumped on stage during John & Edwards’ performance last month was in protest at Simon Cowell (He’s got some nerve considering the second-rate, re-hashed pop/ dance crap that he releases).

The bottom line is this: I think people are getting wise now, but I don’t know if enough can be done this year, we may have to wait another 12 months before we see the back end of Cowell and his minions.


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