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CalzagheSaturday evening saw Joe Calzaghe become the fifth casualty of war in this years Strictly Come Dancing. All I can say is thank God he didn’t go in week 1. I don’t know why on earth he decided to participate, surely he wasn’t that strapped for cash that he needed the reported £25K (!) for appearing? Maybe he was trying to emulate Floyd Mayweather Jr. who took part in the 2007 U.S. equivalent, Dancing with the Stars but whatever reason, it was a poor choice for the former undefeated Super-Middleweight champion of the world.

I’ve idolised Joe for many years now and it’s tragic that throughout his career boxing he was never given the recognition he deserved. In fact, even now I don’t think the British public realise how much of a big deal he was. He will go down in history as the greatest British boxer who ever lived but I believe it will take a very long time before his achievements will be appreciated.

mikkel-kessler16I think the key to his appreciation will be ‘The Viking Warrior’, Mikkel Kessler. I was fortunate enough to have a ringside seat in 2007 at the millenium stadium to witness the demolition job that Joe did to Kessler. Already an exceptional World champ, Kessler was made to look like a mere Journeyman by Calzaghe – and that is no disrespect to Kessler, it’s just that on that night at the Millenium Stadium, Calzaghe would have put anyone away.

Fast forward two years and Kessler has mopped up the WBA title in Calzaghe’s absence and is part of the Super Six Boxing Classic. I’m under no illusion that by the end of the tournament Kessler will have unified the WBA and WBC titles and who knows, in another two years times he may have completely unified the Super-Middleweight division (as Calzaghe did after the 2007 bout). Maybe then people will look back on Calzaghe and realise just how good he really was.

In the UK, we’re not actually used to being good at anything. If we win a major sporting event it always seems like a bit of a fluke. We actually celebrate mediocrity, David Beckham is never far away from the British press but Calzaghe was rarely heard of. It seemed strange to have a sportsman who was not only good at his art, but truly fantastic. To think that Joe was at the top of his game for 10 years is good enough but the fact that his last fights were his most spectacular is even more of a reason to applaud him.

I just hope that in years to come he will be remembered for his performance in the ring, rather than the performance on the dancefloor. On a positive note, at least he managed to go one round longer than Mayweather, who was knocked out in week four of 2007



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